Hanover Intergroup



8:00 AM

First Things First

ODAT Clubhouse

398 York St. (Mini-Mall)  OD


Hanover Group

ODAT Clubhouse

398 York St. (Mini-Mall) OD 

5:00 PM


ODAT Clubhouse

398 York St, (Mini-Mall) O

6:30 PM

Step In, Step Up

Trinity Lutheran Church

117 West King St. East Berlin OD

7:00 PM

Littlestown Beginner’s Meeting

Littlestown Chapel, 1144 Bollinger Rd.

1st Week – S 2nd Week – ABSI

3rd Week – L 4th Week – Tr

5th Week - Sp

Second Chance Happy Hour

All Saints Episcopal Church

890 McCosh St. O, 12&12, 1st wk-Tr

The Fully Loaded( with AA) Group

Hanover First Church of God

600 Fairview Drive OL, HA